Due Mid March! A beautiful litter is in the making!


Lincoln x Coco


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Sire:  CH Addox's Stand and Deliver


Dam: Krimson's Candy Girl (pointed) - Dobequest link


vWD Clear or Carrier by parentage - Parents are Health Tested


Blacks and reds expected


Breeders: Angela Ferrari, Cindy Williams, Kris Johnson

& Parker Johnson



Krimson Dobermans - What Sets Us Apart.


Kris Johnson; Doberman advocate, Member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of  America (DPCA) and AKC Breeder of Merit. We are dedicated to raising and breeding quality Dobermans in Louisville, Kentucky.


With over 23 years of conformation experience  and 17 years of experience with raising, showing, breeding and training Dobermans - Krimson Dobermans have bred Champions (conformation and other event Champions) in both the United States and Canada.


Everything we do for our dogs is calculated to give our dogs everything they need to flourish. Our Dobermans are home-raised within our family and are apart of our everyday life - we wouldn't have it any other way!


Diet is very important and we do not take short cuts. We feed the best food available and NuVet supplements for our dogs.


We know exercise is essential for Dobermans and we allow proper running and physical activities to enable proper mental and physical health.


We socialize our Dobermans throughout their entire life, providing them the exposure to satisfy their natural curiosities.


We believe in investing quality time to our dogs and the more you give, the more you will get in return. Because of everything we do, our Dobermans are always in peak condition and in full bloom.


Our bloodline represents the finest bloodlines in North and South America. Krimson Dobermans are selectively-bred that exhibit mental and physical soundness, intelligence, conformation and a willingness to work and please.


Health is very important to us! All of our Dobermans are health tested before they are ever bred to rule out any genetic disorders. Temperament is also very important. With our Dobermans living along side our 2 young sons, we ensure that our dogs exhibit proper mental soundness and confidence with love and affection. We will not compromise temperament!


Our Dobermans are carefully bred to specimens alike to ultimately reproduce the next generation of quality Dobermans.


We appreciate versatile Dobermans and we breed carefully to get puppies that exhibit intelligence and working ability that can compete in multiple venues. Because of our strict breeding philosophies, we breed and own Dobermans that are true to the breed. With temperament, talent, working ability and more, our dogs can compete in conformation, agility, therapy, dock diving to name just a few.


Lastly, we do not take short cuts.  Hard work gives you the best results - plain and simple.

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