Doberman Issues That You Should Be Aware Of

Dobermans are dominant aggressive by nature. They will test, ignore and challenge you. Dobermans want to be the alpha leader. They were essentially bred for this position however, it is your job to earn and retain the leader role. You may find that your Doberman will administer a sideways bite in your direction, this is him trying to gain the dominant position, not hurt you. If he wanted to hurt you, he would. You need to learn how to properly deal with these tests and games that he plays.

Separation anxiety is another common issue with Dobermans. These are not the type of dogs to own if you are never home. Dobermans form strong, loyal bonds with their owners. Your dog will want to be by your side all day. Also, you should never leave your dog outside if you leave, whether you are gone five minutes or five hours. Not only are they strong, powerful dogs that will find their way out of the yard if something is tempting enough, these are the kind of dogs that kids love to taunt for whatever reason. Of course, if the dog gets angry enough, there will be no one there to control him which potentially results in a very dangerous situation.

Another reason you do not want to leave your Doberman home alone for long periods of time is the great amount of destruction that they are capable of. Even if your dog is left alone only a few minutes, he can cause a lot of damage. To help eliminate this from happening, you must make sure that your Doberman receives a generous amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation every single day.

One of the most serious Doberman issues that you need to be prepared for is biting. Even when your dog is just playing, with how aggressive Dobermans can be and how strong they are, they can cause a lot of harm, even if they are not trying to. If you want to prevent an unfortunate event from taking place, stop your Doberman from biting as a puppy before the situation gets out of control as an adult.

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