Effective Doberman Dog Training By Learning Instinctive Drives

Dobermans have very strong instinctive drives and distinguishing postures that need to be learned and recognized by their owners. This well help decrease the chance for an unfortunate situation.

All Dobermans display either the prey drive, pack drive, fight drive or flight drive and of course, some dogs show traits from more than one category. The pack drive is the side of Dobermans that only owners typically see that makes them so adored. This breed is a loyal companion that will do anything to receive attention from their owner. Not all Dobermans have a dominant pack drive but the ones that do are so easy to train because they respond well to minimal motivation.

Dobermans that primarily display a flight drive are a little more challenging to train. They are typically dogs that have been adopted after being mistreated or abandoned or a dog who has never been properly trained or socialized. These types of dogs are unsure of themselves, especially in new surroundings or around unfamiliar people or other dogs. Because of their fear, they are dangerous and prone to attack because they feel as though they have no other choice.

The fight drive present in some Dobermans makes them outstanding guard dogs. They get along with other people and animals yet are able to firmly stand their ground when needed. Although these types of Dobermans are not the easiest to train initially, they do generally end up being the most obedient.

Lastly, some Dobermans have a dominant prey drive. These are the dogs that will take a toy and tear it to shreds rather than play with it. These are the puppies that stalk you, hiding under the bed, waiting for the opportunity to pounce at your feet. Dobermans with high prey drives will often be rougher and more aggressive than they mean to be so it is important to not allow jumping or biting even when the dog is playing.

Determining which types of instinctive drives that your best friend has will make Doberman dog training a bit easier. Always remember, all Dobermans are sensitive and do not respond to punishment or yelling and they should always be treated with respect.

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